Medical Alert Id Dog Oval Rope Tag Pendant Engravable Necklace

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In a medical emergency, medical ID jewelry is essential. You might not be able to speak or remember critical information that could help save your life. Our Stainless Steel necklace will paramedics, EMTs or a that you have an underlying medical condition that requires special attention. A medical ID necklace can easily help save a life or prevent an incorrect diagnosis in a medical emergency. Our Stainless Steel men s pendant is shiny and oval, with a plain link chain that lays flat around the pendants edge. From the front view, it looks like it features a scalloped edge. ID tag jewelry can prove to be the most important piece of Stainless Steel jewelry that you buy for yourself or someone you love this year. Order yours today.


Customize, Addison Disease, Blood Thinner, Diabetes On Insulin, Do Not Resuscitate, Pacemaker, Penicillin, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Epilepsy

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